Coaching Will Help You Overcome Your Fears and Achieve Your Goals

I believe with coaching we can achieve greatness and push ourselves beyond our own expectations. My coaching philosophy is very simple and authentic. I don’t tell my clients what is politically correct or sugar coat things; I need to know the truth and I speak the truth. In order for us to get the results you desire we have to be honest with each other.

Coaching sessions are for people who want to make a change in their life. I do coaching on how not to give a fuc* about what others think of us, finding purpose and starting your own small passionate side hustle.

If you are looking for purpose and meaning we will go through different steps for you to start looking for purpose and meaning in your life.

I will become your ‘honest board of directors’ meaning I will become your best friend that will tell you the truth. Hiring me will help you understand more about your deceptions and understand what is keeping you back. Every single client of mine has tailored training and has 100% of my attention.

Why Me: 

Because I speak the truth when others try to be politically correct or kind. I have life experience; living a fake life for 30 years, lying to myself and everybody around me. I started working from 13 years old, started a marketing agency made it a six-figure company within a year, worked with different brands in Cyprus and London. What I consult is things that I did and worked for me and others.  I can’t promise you the sky, but I can promise you that you will see results.

Why Today:

If you want to really make a change in your life there’s no time like now. We always have things in our lives going on that’s why the best time is to make those changes is now, regret is the worst feeling.


The investment depends on what are your goals and what you want to achieve. We can have our first session complimentary.