Hello and welcome.

I wake up every day striving to become the best version of myself to inspire people to go beyond and live a passionate and authentic life.

The reason I started this website is because I believe that this world needs more passionate and authentic people that love what they do and go beyond in every aspect of their life by learning and never giving up.

I lived a fake life for 30 years, I lied to myself, chased success (bigger offices and more employees) and at some point I lost my passion which drove me into a very dark tunnel. I started making core changes and discovered that being true to myself and accepting myself gave me a bit of glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.

My career began at the age of 13 as a kitchen boy at Domino’s Pizza, I worked at different coffee shops, restaurants and other hospitality jobs. At 18 I got a job at a web development company as a sales and marketing executive after four years working there I joined a massive advertising agency where I worked with Mercedes Benz, Heinz and other corporations. I got myself fired from there within six months.

While I was working there I had a small side hustle that helped me transition to full-time freelancer and then built my small agency.

Eventually, I started my own marketing agency, IQD, in 2010 and had the privilege to work with amazing brands like Beauty Line, Pizza Express, Stella Artois, Holland & Barrett and others.

This site is created for people to find great resources, case studies and inspiration to live life on their own terms. It’s for people who want to find their passion and monetize their skill. Start a sustainable small passionate brand as a side hustle after their nine to five job. It’s for people who want to make money with purpose.

I share insights on how to differentiate ourselves with a unique emotional brand story, how to create products and services, how to increase sales with content marketing, how to overcome mental barriers, how to effectively marketing and sell products, case studies and my failures/lessons.

My success is my client’s success, I’m a bridge for passionate people to reach their goals and dreams. I’m a shortcut for people not to do the mistakes I made and get their faster.

I organize the annual Think Beyond Conference, run Think Beyond workshops on content marketing, storytelling, branding, authenticity and passionate hustle. I created a Passionate Hustle Academy for individuals that want to go beyond.  I’m privileged to speak at Universities, Business Shows in Olympia London, private companies and conferences. I spoke to the University of Greenwich, IMH 13th Marketing Forum and other conferences and events in Europe and Dubai.

I’m a minimalist, I have a small dog Chanel, I love reading business, marketing and personal development books, I run, I love London and I love going to the park (reading of course).

Let’s stay connected, I send weekly ideas and insights that I learn in my newsletter. You can subscribe here; www.alexnovicov.com/friends.

Let’s think and go beyond together because together is always better.