I believe that passion drives everything because it’s what gives us hope, it’s what inspires us to wake up every morning and go to work, it’s what keeps us moving forward and trying our best. Passion helps us overcome obstacles, it helps people, creates empathy and it pushes us to go beyond our own expectations. It puts a smile on our faces and it makes our clients feel unique and loved.

Passion at Work is a custom workshop for your team members to get inspired, to increase productivity, to boost morale and to create a positive culture in your brand.

This custom workshop is designed for companies that want to go beyond and help their team members to be passionate every day.

This workshop goes beyond inspiration, it covers practical advice and exercises for people to use on a daily basis when they are stressed out, when deadlines are not met and when they have to overcome obstacles.

Your team will be able to create empathy towards coworkers, speak the truth to the management, share ideas, create an environment where they are all loved and create trust between themselves.

The truth is that after the workshop people will help some team members appreciate clients, appreciate coworkers and add passion in their life.

You will be able to increase customer loyalty, your bottom line, and grow a sustainable brand. Before the workshop, we do a one-hour interview to understand your culture, your short term and long-term goals. Every single workshop is customized to your company culture and your company needs.

The workshop can be held at your premises or we can arrange a venue. If you would like to see me speak, there is a short video you can watch here.

Duration: 5 Hours

Investment: €800 / £900 – Up to 20 team members (venue, flight tickets and accommodation not included)

Location: Cyprus, London, Dubai, Europe.

For availability and bookings please email an@alexnovicov.com or call us today:

Cyprus: 00357 22101935

UK: 0044 7565 253639