Each person on this planet has problems, that’s why business’s exist. Each business is a solution to each problem that exist. People go to search engines to find answers to their problems. In this blog I speak about why we need to become a hub of information for people…

Look, people go to google to search answers to their problems and we need to be in front of them and answer those questions. Why do people go to Sky.com, BBC, Mashable or Financial Times? They go to this websites because they want to get informed and educated about a topic that they are passionate about. All this companies are called media companies because their job is to create content for people to come and visit their website.  That’s why more and more companies are becoming media companies.


You have a website with your products or services that you want to sell, right? How do you bring people back to your website? Surely people don’t go back to websites just to check our products or services every day, do they? But I’m sure they go daily to websites that give them entertainment, inspiration or education. We all know that people will spend £1,000 for entertainment much more easier than £1000 for education, I just though of mentioning it so you can think about your content.


My whole point of becoming the hub of information is that you need to create more and more content that is relevant to your industry and audience. If you are selling cheese for example you can create blog articles on cheese, video blogs on cheese, infographics on how to eat cheese and maybe offline events like meet ups to meet and demonstrate your skills or products. We see more and more companies creating content to drive people to their websites and to get attention and by the way each business needs attention to dominate.

Red Bull Stratos made the famous jump from the space, the world went crazy. Of course they invested thousands to create this piece of video and they got a lot back from it. They received millions of views on YouTube channels, PR exposure that would costed them X10 the cost they initial invested. Now before you go on and say but Alexander I’m just a small business in the UK I don’t have the budget to create this kind of content, I agree with you, we don’t have budget that Red Bull has but we have the creativity.


We have to set our smaller budget and think what we can do with it, for example a dedicated blog for cheese, a YouTube channel, A vine channel maybe it depends on what you are selling and what content you will be creating. The more content you create the better it will be. Imagine if you do two blog articles per week and one video each week, in 1 year you will have 52 videos about your industry or niche and 104 blog articles on your website. God knows how many tweets.

Now, let’s go and start creating content that people are looking for, let’s answer some questions, let’s inspire people. We need to do this together. The more relevant content we create the better it’s for both parties. When I put a piece of content out there I never think ‘Oh how many people are going to call me’ I always think ‘How many people can read this piece of content and get inspired and grow their business’. You see it’s about helping other people and I love the fact that I have the ability to inspire and help you to get the most out of digital marketing.


How do you become the hub of information/media company? 

First you have to define what your content strategy is, what do you want to be know for? How do you want to say it?  You have to understand how your audience search online, what do they search online? Ask yourself this questions and answer them honestly. You can hire new people to help you create more and more content. For example I see a big shift in this industry because the more content you create the more people you need to hire and become a production company. Ah what? Production? Well calm down, I mean that once you start creating more and more content, you need a designer to create beautifully designed Facebook pictures, tweets, then if you are like me and make spelling mistakes because you are always in a rush you need a copywriter, then if you have videos, you need an editor, you need to invest in a good quality camera, microphone, lighting and so on. I don’t want you to get dejected but to understand that it’s not easy but hard work and it requires time and effort. Trust me if you follow my advice in 2/3 years you will thank me, you will see the value in it much more quicker.

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